Producer of automotive conductor cables, spiral cables and harnesses

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Polish producer of automotive conductor cables, spiral cables and harnesses. As a leading European manufacture we are major supplier of high quality products to world markets. We focus on new production solutions using modern technological devices Decades of experience enables efficient production planning and proceeding customers orders.

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Hybsz - cable factory


Conductor cables factory

Cable Factory produces conductor cables with a wide range of application.
You can see the product range in PRODUCTS section. As a high quality production line manufacturer, we also fulfill individual customer orders not included in the standard offer. We kindly invite you to cooperate with us.



Manufacturing plant spiral cables, sockets, pneumatics

End Product Factory – end products made for the car parts market, especially for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. The factory produces spiral cables, pneumatic cables, plugs, sockets, battery and jumper cables, and more. A wider range of products can be found in OFFER section and in our catalogue. We kindly invite you to cooperate with us.



Cable harness individual production

Special Factory produces cable systems/electric harnesses for motor vehicles as per customers’ individual orders. We execute orders from trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers, and companies producing specialty trailers as well as other agricultural and utility vehicles. Detailed information on realizable range of harnesses is available on customer’s individual request. We kindly invite you to cooperate with us.

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